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St. Paul Fire is now training with the ArrestPAC

St. Paul Fire will implement the ArrestPAC as part of their new approach to medical bags and equipment. They have been using the ArrestPAC on a trial basis and have decided to outfit all of the their ALS ambulances with the PAC after crews identified the value of the PAC when treating a victim of cardiac arrest.

Mille Lacs Health System

Mille Lacs Health System of Onamia MN has purchased the ArrestPAC to use in the their Emergency Department and Hospital when providers respond to victims of cardiac arrest in their facility.
quality assurance in cardiac arrest treatment  

Lake City Ambulance Service trains using the ArrestPAC.

In-fact having the Arrest PAC helped facilitate our C.A. protocol change, and adding the LUCAS 2 device. Many of our EMT's LOVE the Arrest PAC because now they know what to grab when we(medics) ask for medications. In the rural area where there is not always two paramedics, possibly a medic and a first responder, the bag helps out a tremendous amount.


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Sun City West Fire

The Fire District of Sun City West, Arizona has recently purchased ArrestPACs.

EMS Expo

ArrestPAC recently exhibited at the EMS Expo in Dallas with "Take Heart America."


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